Chevy Small Block Long-Style High-Flow Mechanical Water Pump

Chevy Small Block Long-Style High-Flow Mechanical Water Pump


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TSP’s high-flow mechanical water pumps provide that extra cooling power your high-performance engine demands. They are lightweight and flow at a rate up to 40% over stock pumps.

Lightweight Aluminum Housing

All mechanical water pumps from TSP are cast from lightweight A356 aluminum and heat-treated to T6 hardness. This not only provides strength, but aluminum works to manage heat far better than cast iron. They are available in a satin, polished, or chrome finish.

High Quality Components

From top to bottom, TSP’s mechanical pumps are designed for greater performance and reliability. They feature an 8-blade, cast aluminum anti-cavitation impeller. Its 5/8″ shaft is driven by heavy-duty bearings and seals, and the crank hub is 1/2″ thick for added strength.


Pump Flow High-volume
Pump Material Aluminum
Pump Rotation Clockwise
Pump Height
Tall/Long (7″)
Pilot Diameter 5/8″
Crank Hub Thickness 1/2″
Gaskets Included



  • 4.3 L / 265 in3
  • 4.4 L / 267 in3
  • 4.6 L / 283 in3
  • 4.9 L / 302 in3
  • 5.0 L / 305 in3
  • 5.0 L / 307 in3
  • 5.4 L / 327 in3
  • 5.7 L / 350 in3
  • 6.6 L / 400 in3


  • It is recommended that a measurement is done to be certain of correct pump style



Part Numbers


Satin HC8012
Polished HC8012P
Chrome HC8012C
Black HC8012BK