GM LS 3.0 HP High Torque Starter

GM LS 3.0 HP High Torque Starter


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TSP’s Starter guarantees reliable starting power. After all, what’s the point of a high performance engine if it doesn’t start? This high torque starter features an offset, Tilton-style design for added clearance to fit most configurations. The motor is rated at 3.0 HP, which is guaranteed to get your LS started.

Powerful High-Torque Motor

The most important part of any starter is its motor. Our Tilton-style starters are powered by a high-torque, 3.0 HP motor. With a 3.75:1 gear reduction ratio, it provides a HUGE starting-power increase over stock.

High Quality Internal Components

With such a powerful motor, the rest of components must be durable. We construct our starters with the highest-quality internals. We overlooked no detail in the design process to ensure you have not only the power you need, but the reliability to deliver that power every time you need it.
In keeping with our high quality standards, we recently made minor alterations to the solenoid for even greater reliability.


Starter Style Mini
Starter Type Tilton
Adjustable Mounting Block Yes
Starter Rotation Standard
Maximum Compression Ratio 11.0:1
Gear Reduction Ratio 3.75:1
Horsepower 3.0
Starter Housing Material Cast Aluminum
Mounting Block Material Billet Aluminum
Included Quality and Performance Test Results



  • 4.8 L / 294 in3
  • 5.3 L / 325 in3
  • 5.7 L / 346 in3 commonly referred to as 350 in3
  • 6.0 L / 364 in3


  • Fits 168 tooth flywheels


Part Number


Black JM7002BK
Chrome JM7002C
Red JM7002R